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Bahia Grass

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Bahia Grass

Bahia grass originated in Brazil, but moved to the United States in 1914. Since then, it first became a popular grass for beef production in pastures, but has also risen in popularity as a southern turf grass in lawns throughout the south east.
It is a great all-purpose grass if you are looking for sod for a Florida landscape, as it is aggressive, and is easily planted from grass seed, although it must be constantly kept moist in order for the grass to grow from seed, and can take a
lot of work. Therefore, most homeowners find it easier to purchase and install sod instead.

Bahia grass is great as an all-purpose grass, and has increased in popularity due to its ability to survive heavy drought periods. It has a much better tolerance for drought than many other St. Augustine grasses, due largely to its extensive root system.
It also performs well in infertile, sandy soil without the constant input of fertilizer; making it relatively low maintenance compared to other warm season grasses. Also, unlike many other St. Augustine grass types that are susceptible to fungal infections
and issues with chinch bugs and other lawn pests, Bahia grass rarely holds disease or insect problems.

In terms of looks, the blades of Bahia grass are relatively long, tall, and thin. They do not create excessive thatch on the long. The blades reseed themselves during the summer, growing long, narrow stalks that hold black seed pods at the end.
Despite the fact that they are made of thin blades, Bahia can still give the impression of a nice thick lawn with the right regular fertilization and watering. Generally, Bahia grass creates a light green lawn, but it is also receptive to nitrogen
applications to create a darker green color.

This all purpose, warm season perennial will not fail your landscape during humid, drought periods. If you are looking for a low maintenance grass, Bahia sod is the choice for you!

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